Phil Barnett, Widows, Barnabas Ministry
 Wife : Susan
 Children: Amye, Lezlee, Lillie
Year I came to Marble Falls: 1984
Occupation: Retired School Administrator-Self employed part time lawn care.
Year I became a Deacon:  2008
Ministries I am closely Involved with: Widows, Security
Personal Dreams for the Marble Falls Church of Christ:  It is my dream that our congregation will continue to be a beacon of truth for the Lord in our area.  Further, that the completion of our new facilities will bring greater visibility and exposure that will be inviting to our community giving us increased opportunity to reach the lost.
Personal Interests/ Hobbies: Hunting, Traveling, Golfing, Snow skiing and spectator for all types of sports.
Favorite Bible verse: Phillipians 2:3
Why:  I think it is imprtant to be reminded that it is a basic Christian attitude to be loving and giving and to never think we are better than others.  If we all treat everyone this way it would solve many problems both in the church and the world.