Jason Crim, Lifeline Chaplaincy/Hospital Visitation

My wife's name is Valerie.

My children are Rayleigh 9, Kennedy 5, Bethany 3, and Jarrett 1.
I came to Marble Falls in 2015.
I became a deacon in 2017.
I am a fire fighter.
I am the ministry leader of Lifeline Chaplaincy and Hospital Visitation.
My hobbies are hunting, fishing, sports and do-it-yourself projects.

My favorite Bible verse is always changing, but at this moment Galatians 6:2 from the CEV.
"You obey the law of Christ when you offer each other a helping hand."

This verse is my favorite because we can not be saved on our own merit or actions and this verse reminds me that we can not go through this world on our own.  We need one another to lift each other's burdens or to make them more bearable.

My dream for the Marble Falls Church of Christ is that this body of believers will be identified as one of God's churches who reaches out to all with the love of Christ while serving along side each other and provides a way to Him no matter the person or the circumstances.