Biblical Institute of Central America
This ministry is preacher training schools in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras. The schools are two-year, low-cost programs for Native South Americans who are trained to be preachers and given the tools to support themselves with secular work ... more

Croatia for Christ
This is a nation-wide ministry (centered in Zagreb, Croatia) mainly through church-planting. There are currently twelve churches of Christ in Croatia. The ministry includes preacher training, radio programs, and summer camps for children and ... more

Monterrey, Mexico
This is a medical mission field as well as a preaching ministry. Dr. Santillan travels to the poverty-stricken villages in the mountains near Monterrey, Mexico where he attends to medical needs and also preaches the gospel. Marble Falls has ... more

Nairobi, Kenya
The name of the ministry is Made in the Streets (MITS). Larry and Hollye Conway work in the streets of Nairobi where they meet young people in dire situations. They take them to a shelter, tend to their physical needs and teach them the ... more

South Pacific Bible College
This is a preacher training school with an emphasis on church planting. The school is under the direction of Steve Raine. Marble Falls began supporting the school financially in 2014.

Niteroi, Brazil
Marble Falls helps support Chad and Micah Baker as part of a church-planting ministry in Niteroi, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro. Marble Falls became involved in this work in 2014.

Tuba City Church of Chirst--Tuba City, Arizona
The church is located within the Navajo Indian Reservation where poverty is rampant. The missionaries are Eric and Tracy Kee, who moved to Tuba City in March of 2014. Eric is a native Navajo. Marble Falls began support of this ministry in ... more