Kyle Futrell, Shepherd
Wife: Marti

Children: Kyleigh Ann Lohmann and her husband Ryan

Year I cam to Marble Falls: 1984

Occupation:   Retired MFISD Coach 

Year I became an elder: 2016

Ministries I am closely involved with: Worship & Youth

Personal Dreams for MF Church of Christ: A growth in membership and in love for the Lord as a family or the body that makes up the MFCOC.  When people see us I hope they are attracted because they see us as joyous people who love and care for each other.  As christians we should be the happiest people on earth.

Personal Interest/Hobbies:  As a family, we love to travel and play tennis

Favorite bible verse: Philippian 2:1-3

Why:  Christ is the ultimate example of humility and servanthood.  His sacrifice demonstrates his love for us.  We are so fortunate to be able to serve a God such as our Father in heaven.